About Blue Lotus

A Beginner’s Search for the Yogi Within

I’m a yogi…and if you have sat on a mat and practiced yoga at any level, you too are a yogi! Don’t let anyone tell you differently, yogi can refer to a master of the practice, but more commonly it is anyone who is a practitioner, and that’s you and me! So I’ve practiced yoga on and off for years, never with any focus until a couple of years ago when I injured myself while running.  I rediscovered yoga with a true vengeance for correcting the wrong I’d done to myself running. However, much of my focus in this blog is general information helpful to the beginner yogis. I truly hope that the posts are helpful to your growth as a yogi, that you’ll discover new parts of yoga and want to dive deeper into your personal practice.

What’s up with the blue lotus?

Why Blue Lotus? Simple answer for me, the blue lotus represents true wisdom, or more specifically, control of the spirit over the material senses. That’s huge for me, and something I struggle with each day. We all do, and so how perfect a place to begin a blog about yoga. Here we all learn together.